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Zeny teaches Tantra in the traditional way, one-on-one. Tantra is a lifestyle of living in reverence and harmony with ourselves and all of existence. Tantra forms the basis of the ancient Indian spiritual traditions going back thousands of years. To become a serious student of Tantra involves intensive study and practice of Source Texts and their teachings. It not for those seeking material interests. It is the path for those seeking moksha. To become a true Tantric is to take on the responsibility for our own journey towards moksha. It is not for the faint of heart. In fact you need not only a courageous heart but the grace of the Goddess. It starts with a deep longing to know God. That longing is a form of grace. And that longing will lead us to a teacher who can guide us. This is called Param-para- the unbroken lineage of wisdom passed on from teacher to student.

Zeny has received diksha from undiluted lineages into Kali Natha Tantra under Bhagavan Shanmukhananda Natha, Kashimir Shaivist based Kundalini Sadhana under Swami Khecharanatha and Sri Vidya inititations under Guru Karunamaya and Yogini Sri La Srividyamabasaraswati, as well as blessings of His Holiness Swami Rhambau "The Fire Yogi", Sooriya Kumar, Lama Rinchen and many others.

The mentorship program is open only to serious practitioners. There are different levels of engagement depending on the student’s level of commitment. To learn more or to apply for Zeny’s one-on-one Tantric Mentorship fill out the Mentorship Application form.